Like: Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea is beyond awesome. It’s delicious and I drink it almost every morning. It’s flavored with “bergamot oil” and I’m not even kind of sure what that is. And I’m a armchair chef. I do, however, assume it was named after Earl Grey II, who was a prime minister in England during some time in the (early?) 1800’s. He was in whig party, which as I understand, was a pretty happening party. Earl Grey II was probably pretty awesome too. He was in the organization “The Ministry Of All The Talents” so he must be. Isn’t that an great name for a club? I wish I was in that club. Superior bragging rights. Also it means you know your shit when it comes to Tea. So here’s to you Earl Grey and your penchant for my favorite tea! Huzzah!

UPDATE: After complaints…

(Mark: yeah i thought you said “i think its named after this guy” and you also don’t know the oil LOOK IT UP

me: OK I WILL)
So I looked it up and yes it was named after Earl Grey II. And while I thought there was some great mystery to the Bergamot Oil, others appear to want definite answers in life. Lousy scientists. Bergamot Oil is the oil extract from a Bergamot Orange. Apparently Earl Grey II liked this oil in his tea and popularized it for all. He is a god among men.

2 Responses to Like: Earl Grey Tea

  1. drf says:

    If it’s not Earl Grey it’s an insult to the Queen! You are correct in liking this tea. I am in the MoAtT and you opinion on this matter has our official approval. Compliments to you.

  2. ecat says:

    I am drinking Earl Grey tea as I read your blog! I am also enjoying it and would like to add that it’s quite tasty with some milk or soy milk and a spot of sugar. Cheers!

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