Don’t Like: Contrarianism

Fine, I do like Contrarianism! That’s how it works basically. The real world basis is some half-baked theory of economics designed to bunk trends, but I’m more talking about social Contrarianism. I find it more and more prevalent in my life and especially in the internet age. Just look at any message board and you’ll find it rife with baseless comments merely designed to counter someone else. I got thinking on the subject a couple weeks ago after George Carlin’s recent stand up special (surprisingly relevant by the way) and a writer made some comments on Carlin’s Contrarianism. I didn’t mind it so much in that special (probably because it was very funny) but it lead me to realize just how much of our culture is rooted in that concept. Modern polemic politics is pretty much two groups of contrarianists. And the worst offender? A website. A lot of people read for what I’m guessing is perspective. Which is good. At best, the site serves as a kind of devil’s advocate for some very important things. It isn’t that some things they say don’t have validation, it’s their motives. After all, anything which is firmly routed in the very purpose of contrarianism is inherently flawed and undermines its own validity. Think about it, every story on that website is originated in the concept of finding an exception to the norm. Hell, that’s their policy. The biggest problem is that it has become modus operatus for their opinions and worse a lot of people in their daily lives. We have to remember the devil’s advocate is a valuable tool for clarification, not a way of thought.


2 Responses to Don’t Like: Contrarianism

  1. drf says:

    Contrarian Investing is no half-baked theory, my friend! Just kidding, I don’t know much about it really. I just wanted to disagree with you.

    I never knew that was what was all about, having never read it. Interesting stuff.

    btw, I think you mean ‘modus operandi’

  2. […] on final results. It’s part of the growing trends of sports writers where they’ll be contrarian just for the sake of it or completely fair-weather and call for completely asinine moves from front […]

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