Don’t Like: Joe Buck

It suddenly seems in mode to hate Joe Buck. Good. I see it more as people finally coming to their damn senses. I won’t even get into his continual dismissal of the Red Sox pre 2004 ALCS. Yes I understand that you have to court the major market but suffering a decade of having the announcer ceremonially fellate your rival just becomes grating. Even worse is the responding flip-flop the second the Red Sox actually come out on top. A national broadcaster has to be placate the most general audience of course, but his air-clear transparency is outrageous. With that, people are FINALLY acknowledging his completely lack of enthusiasm thanks to his apparent non-viewing of the helmet catch. Isn’t a broadcaster supposed to get excited during a big swing play? Buck and McCarver are like watching slow, grim death. What the hell is wrong with Fox Sports? Who thinks these guys are good idea? I know you gotta avoid the homers, but seriously, these guys? On top of that there are many reports of Buck’s A-hole-ish behavior (some of which I’ve heard live over steaming broadcasts). The best is the writer who actually chronicled his trauma at the hands of his childhood bully who would routinely beat him up and pee in his shoes. Who would do such a thing? You guessed it, Joe Buck!


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