Like: M.I.A. and “Paper Planes”

Yeah, yeah. This woulda been more indie-cool of me to post a month ago. But I didn’t have this blog then. So screw you, jerk-ass. M.I.A. is awesome. She makes good music. She’s from Sri Lanka. She’s kinda nuts. She films videos with little kid gangsters from 3rd world countries. Her dad is labeled a terrorist by the US Gov. Best of all she’s this tiny young woman who sings about dealing, dropping bodies, and organizing a drug empire. Bad. Ass. Sure, she probably doesn’t do any of that stuff but that’s irrelevant. Compounding the awesomeness, her single “Paper Planes” was recently used in the red band trailer for Pineapple Express, the equally awesome new apatow/rogen movie I saw and loved. ON TOP OF THAT, some of her lyrics like “Hit me on my burner pre-paid wireless” makes me think she watches The Wire. Again… Awesome.


One Response to Like: M.I.A. and “Paper Planes”

  1. edawg says:

    M.I.A. + The Wire = more awesome than the internets

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