Don’t Like: The crappy “A Song of Ice & Fire” Books

Gah. Awful.

First off, I’m sick of bad repetitive fantasy literature. I pretty much stopped reading it after nothing seemed as good as the three or four core series of books I read as a kid. So when I read last year that HBO had optioned a series based on the “A Song Of Ice & Fire” fantasy series and commended the books on their adult perspective, I was intrigued. I like a lot of HBO series and figured it couldn’t hurt.

Yikes. I was wrong. Terrible writing. The Same tired cliches and plots. Can nobody bring something interesting to the genre? Worse the books are wholly masturbatory. Not just in terms of the action, but it’s mind bogglingly obvious that GRR Martin is merely exercising his weirdo sexual fantasies. This isn’t even “it seems like…”. It’s obvious. And seriously? Geroge RR? Aspiring for JRR Tolkein? Can we put a stop to this?

The worst part of these is that the first one isn’t that bad. There was a fairly interesting perspective of narrative and one great twist about 2/3 the way through the gives the “anything goes” feeling which is so wonderful/unnerving in literature. And then… nothing. Seriously it’s like RR planned only up until that point and has been making it up as it goes along. And it shows. Glaringly. Halfway through the 3rd meandering book I tossed to the side in anger that I ever committed to such a lame-ass series.

Fuck you HBO. Fuck you for making me think there were more good fantasy books. You’re dead wrong and this would make the worst TV show ever.


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