Like: Kate Nash’s Accent

It’s hard to get up here and and exclaim the laurels of a british pop singer with a handful of songs and shitload of hype. It’s just not in my genes. Plus they tend to be one and done affairs who’s only subsequent work ends up in tabloid columns (witness: lily allen, joss stone, amy winehouse… seriously that’s just the recent ones, it’s an epidemic). She doesn’t so much sing as kind of wade through hypnotic melodies with the thickest freakin london accent I can remember in a song… that wasn’t punk.

So I like it. It’s neat.

UPDATE: Since this post has ended up being unfathomably popular. I’ll add a few more thoughts. After listening a lot more closely, she’s actually a decent song writer.  We’re not talking Dylan poeticism here or anything, but she has a nice sense of honesty, diction, and lyrical turn.  She actually reminds me a lot of Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley. And holy crap they kinda look like each other too.



2 Responses to Like: Kate Nash’s Accent

  1. Neverthelesss says:

    I like her music so much,

  2. Lisa says:

    I love kate nash 😀 her accent, her cute face ánd her music 😉

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