Like: Re-Using Water Bottles

I’m not a big environment guy. To clarify, yeah I’m pro-environment and like national parks and all that stuff but it’s just not my issue to harp on. Global Warming exists! Wow! What a political stance! Anycrap I’ll get into the odd politicization of a scientific issue at some other point. This concerns probably the easiest thing for anyone to do who doesn’t want to waste stuff. Refilling water bottles. I take said water bottle, drink it, fill it up at the Poland Springs station which is completely equidistant from the water bottles in the office, go back and drink more.  Boom. Done. When it’s been a couple days, I get a new one. Lots of water/water bottles saved. That’s it. It amazes me how many people go through 2-3 bottles a day here. I should probably get one of those Nalgene business, but I tried and constantly forgot to bring it. So this is my small gesture cause it’s easy.


One Response to Like: Re-Using Water Bottles

  1. erod says:

    If you re-use them too much I thought it was bad, but snopes says that’s false!

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