Don’t Like: HALO online players

So this is where the Asshats of the world end up.  First off, Halo is fantastic. It’s the perfect shooter with great balance and weapons and gameplay. There’s so little cheapness to it (except double beatdowns, lame). I was so excited to get my XBox Live up and running. The gameplay experience itself has been fantastic, completely competitive and exhilarating. The funny part is the people I encounter while playing. See I have a microphone which is awesome for strategy purposes, but never in my life have I heard such a brainless array of people. They seem to be young, homophobic, and contrarian. Everything is “fag!” “that’s so gay!” “fuck you faggot!” “I have a big penis!” Those are all real quotes and you hear them every time you play. The best part about the last quote is it’s usually being said by 10 year olds. It’s just best to respond with “NO, YOU DON’T’ and then assassinate them with the butt end of your assault rifle.

At least the asshats are good at Halo.



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