I’m borderline obsessed with high cuisine… and pretty much all cuisine too. My love of both eating and preparing the best food there is, has lead me to the extreme ends of culinary expertise (or at least as far as the relatively little money I earn does). I’ve eaten the cuisine of Joel Robuchon, and at some of the great California flagships. With that, it’s only fitting that the best food I’ve ever had in my life, is from the restaurant around the corner from house.

It’s really nothing more than coincidence. It’s a 5 star restaurant after all. Michael Cimarusti, the chef who oversaw the revitalization of The Water Grill, founded Providence with his partner and matire ‘d Donato Pato. Cimarusti brings an outright tangible passion for his food and craft. He’s one of the few Los Angeles chefs who’s actually more concerned with the highest standards of his food then whether or not he has a famous clientèle. He works brilliantly with the “petit details” and while enormously inventive and original, it’s ALWAYS about flavor first. Which makes his pairing with pastry chef Adrian Vasquez all the more wonder. Adrian is endlessly inventive, integrating savory flavors, asian, indian, and mexiacn ingredients into his a-traditional desserts. Plus, he doesn’t seem overly concerned with composition when most gourmet pastry chefs are really nothing more than sugar sculptors.

I cannot tell you just how incredibly refreshing this is in the modern culinary scene. Psuedo-inventiveness is often favored by the critics who have no idea what they’re doing. It’s amazing to me. Meanwhile, the foodies all know, Providence is the real deal.

I’ve taken several cooking classes at the restaurant and they’ve been some of the most eye-opening experiences of my (in cooking terms at least).

I love this restuarant.



  1. ekit says:

    I concur. Providence is my favorite restaurant and I have had an amazing experience every time I dine there. Michael Cimarusti is a guy who loves to share his love of food and is actively involved in the process of catching his food.

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