Don’t Like: That Asshole Behind Me This Morning Who Beeped His Horn Loudly Because I Wouldn’t Dart Through a Turning Red Light So We Could Both Be Stuck In The Middle of An Intersection Because of Backed Up Traffic

Dear Asshole,

What could have been going through your mind to convince you that it was a good idea to do the aforementioned? I mean really, unless you had a birthing woman in your backseat there’s no excuse to wildly beep at me and wave your hands in disgust for not performing a wildly needless, and frankly complete-asshole thing to do to the drivers in the perpendicular lanes.  Are you that self-centered? It’s not like a screeched to a halt or anything. We were all in traffic and I just sat there and didn’t move as the light turned red. Not Yellow mind you, but red. You are probably a ridiculous person who needs to re-examine your values. Hope you like being blogged you colossal asshat.

You weren’t even turning right.


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