Like: My Non-Fear of Public Speaking

I never considered myself the the most socially comfortable person. If anything, I’d say I’m pretty comfortable not saying anything in a group. But for some insane reason the prospect of going up in front of a group and talking doesn’t bother me whatsoever. Considering that Public Speaking is rated the number one fear of Americans (who are often the very people much more comfortable talking in groups than I), I have no real explanation for why this is the case.  I’ve seen ridiculously intelligent, dignified, and poised people lose their taters when speaking in front of a crowd. Whereas, I’ve never really been drawn to the spotlight. I hate note cards. I don’t like reading from things. I never really plan my actual words (reciting a speech is much more difficult to do) I more just plan the points I want to make and the subjects I want to cover.  And if I do that well, I can get up there and do extremely well. No matter what level of comfort I may have in the seconds before, I suddenly shift into auto-pilot and “on” mode. Maybe its the fact I have a genuine purpose when I have to speak publicly. Maybe I like having something to say.

Or maybe you’re all stupid and can’t talk and I’m a genius.

… Maybe not.


One Response to Like: My Non-Fear of Public Speaking

  1. Even though most presenters may be experts in their field of their expertise because they have studied and worked in the field, they are not familiar with public speaking. Particularly if the expertise is in the logical thinking disciplines like science, engineering, computers, accounting and even in the medical field.

    I’m certain that professionally paid speakers who have had years of education and experience in communications, speech and/or drama would be fearful inside a chemistry lab or a construction site. Interestingly, many actors and performers have difficulty in speaking in front of the public. Even at the annual Kennedy Honors celebration, many performers will read their heartfelt thanks for the honoree that inspired him/her.

    Most likely, these actors/performances, and top businesspersons may have had an incident that prevents them now to be comfortable in speaking in front of groups. They are not stupid, they are usually unfamiliar with public speaking


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