Don’t Like: Lawsuits In General

Here’s an astute observation for you: it is usually too easy to sue someone who doesn’t deserve it and it is usually way too hard to sue when it is justified. Yeah that’s not really going out on a limb there, but the amount of completely unnecessary lawsuits is crippling our justice system. Too may baseless lawsuits are brought to hearings and few people realize what a life-altering experience it is to be sued. It completely overtakes your life both in time and mindset. Even something ridiculous has to go through so many channels before it can officially be dismissed and it often results in exorbitant legal fees for the accused.  Worse, the ones that ACTUALLY MAKE IT to trial are wayyyyyyy too numerous. Why does this technically happen? I’m going to say because lawyers are good at their job. The law is flexible in it’s design and very often a lawyer can present a good precedent for a specific case even if it sounds ludicrous in the world of public opinion.

But why do we allow such flexibility? It’s simple and for good reason. People need to be able to sue corporations when they do something egregious. Most of those cases involve chemical dumping or mass neglect, but as corporations become larger and larger their interest in the ethics becomes smaller and smaller when compared to being cost effective. I guess it’s the nature of the beast. But it takes A LOT of legal flexibility to effectively sue a corporation. Corporations also have excellent lawyers who have the uncanny ability to stall proceedings. Thus, in order to sue them effectively you need a lot of legal leeway.

Which leaves the legal system in a nice little Catch 22. So what can you do about it? Nothing. Well nothing fair.

It’s just annoying and you all you can do is end up wishing people who sue people unfairly had a little more common sense.


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