Like: The Weird Dream I Had Last Night

My dreams are usually pretty non-eventful. Usually some fairly normal event is occurring (like me going to work) and then something random, though theoretically plausible happens (like Annie Liebowitz taking a co-worker’s picture). Those are my usual dreams. They’re lame.

Last night’s was… different.

In my dream, I sat down to watch HBO’s John Adams. The credits began and there was this strange animation happening that confused me.  You see they chose to open this miniseries with the story of a flea… John Adams’s flea to be specific.  This flea was significant because some other bigger insect was reviving the flea to extract the precious nutrients of John Adams and his “patriotic glory”. I couldn’t really make sense why that was the case but teh giant insect was adamant about it, that’s for sure.

Confused by most of this, I decided to check out the competing miniseries that FX had put out called Sam Adams (not a real show). There was no beer, but apparently Sam Adams was a bald eagle for reason. And he liked to fly over highways.


At this point I started switching


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