Like: England! The United Kingdom! Scotland! Ireland!

This is a English/UK website and as such, many of the people who use it are from the UK. I am from America, but I just wanted to take a moment and show my appreciation to all my English readers who are quite diligent, respectful, and simply great to the site.

I just love the UK. I really do. I like London. Easily one of my favorite cities. I like Tottenham Hotspur. I like fish and chips not because I’m a stupid American tourist, but because they’re delicious. I like spelling colour with a U.  I like Kate Nash. I like Lily Allen. I like Steve Jones. I like Daniel Day-Lewis. I like the Beatles… I like pretty much all of England.

I like Scotland. I’m of Scottish ancestry. My last name means “red shale”.  I own a kilt. I can do a pretty gnarly Scottish accent. I love the landscape. I’ve actually eaten haggis and didn’t find it thoroughly awful. I’ve done the highland games.

I like Ireland. I love Jameson whiskey. I like Guinness, good Guinness, not the shitty kind. I like Galway.

Wales… meh. Who cares about Wales?


2 Responses to Like: England! The United Kingdom! Scotland! Ireland!

  1. ewall says:

    Well considering your gf is Welsh you may want to re-phrase that.

  2. eddie says:

    Ireland is not in the uk and thank everyone for that tiocfaidh ar la

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