Like: Genuine Anti-Irish-American Racism

I should clarify and say it’s more amusing than something I like.

At it’s best, it’s an outdated reference like the stuff you find in The Simpsons where grandpa will say a tradition started as “mostly an excuse to beat up the Irish”. For good reason you can get away with that over making of fun of other ethnic groups, because no one in their right mind can take that seriously.

But the modern equivalent is also thoroughly hilarious. Growing up “Irish Catholic” in Boston (I’m actually more scottish but whatever), you end up witnessing a lot of Italian American people hate genuinely hate the Irish American people and vice-versa. There for no discernible reason either… at least no good discernible reason. Hell, both sides are the same religion even. The whole thing probably stems from territorial issues and job competition when both groups landed here, but that hardly matters now. Now it’s just meatheads beating each other up in bars. Usually it’s over some monumentally small slight like “accidentally being too close to someone in a crowded bar” or “saying hi to a girl you’re friends with”.

No matter what, it’s just hilarious. Keep taking life too seriously folks!

“Know what’s the most racist city on Earth? Boston. I was in Boston and say two Italian guys beat the crap out of an Irish guy and was like DAMN. These guys are specific.” – Dave Chappelle


3 Responses to Like: Genuine Anti-Irish-American Racism

  1. subtropic says:

    You have some thick skin to take it in such a stride. I admire that though. It is interesting though, the stereotype of the “drunken Irishman.” It seems people will roll that off so much more casually than other ethnic stereotypes as well.

    Perhaps because there’s so many Irish-Americans? It seems that the more of you there are, the less guilty people seem to feel for generalizing. Funny and sad at the same time I suppose.

  2. Pat Mallory says:

    So your idea is that when two dagos beat he crap out of one of us we are racists?

  3. mgss says:

    1. this was a humor post

    2. “two dagos”… i think this speaks volumes.

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