Don’t Like: Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, and Joba Chamberlain

I love the idea there’s a couple of young Yankee pitchers I can openly root to fail miserably. They’re the “future of the franchise” and right now they’re pretty much sucking it up. They seem to be dealing poorly with the pressures of New York and the fact that they passed on Johan Santana and bet the farm on these guys makes it all the sweeter.

Joba’s actually good though. Let’s be honest, he’s throwing lights out. The great thing about him though is  he just has that perfect “I hate that guy” look. Red Sox fans know what I’m talking about it. It’s just a look. Paul O’Neil had it.  It’s a mix off huffy/way too serious/i’m awesome that’s infuriating. Of course Yankees fans just see the opposite and think I’m insane. They see tough/no-nonsense/gritty players who are emotionally involved. How can they hate Joba? He must just be jealous! But that’s not it. Yankees fans, you know how you absolutely hate Kevin Youkilis? That’s how we feel about Joba.  And that tough/gritty thing is exactly how we see Youk. Weird huh?

Look, I love pitching. I understand how incredibly difficult it is and how difficult it is to pitch with consistency in the majors. I admire Joba’s talent and like Hughes and Kennedy’s “stuff”. But it’s really about the uniform. And this is just a joke. Anyone who takes the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry seriously is treading into the inane. I like the rivalry cause it’s fun It’s fun to see Hank Steinbrenner stammer around being an attention whore. It’s fun to see a team that decimated your childhood team come to fail in later years. It’s just amusing. So there.


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