Don’t Like: The San Antonio Spurs

I just can’t. Not after they beat the Suns that way. I mean I certainly a great team with a great skill set. They’re professional in their offense. Their game works like clockwork. I really respect that part of their game and it’s hard not to if you really love basketball.

The part of their game that sucks? The flopping. The whining. The Tim Duncans tripping over their own legs and then rubbing their knees like their hurt only after Shaq “tripped him”. The Manu brand flops. The fact that now the entire team does it. They’re turned into a French soccer team (minus zidane I guess). It’s insane horseshit frankly. This is a sport that used to pride itself on its more bruiser-type elements has become the sport of ninnies. And the Spurs have bought into that mentality wholesale. Worse, they have a guy defensive annoyer in Bowen who’s a total throwback but now just seems sneaky and out of place. He’d be great as a piston I still maintain. I really don’t mind Bowen it’s just his role on THAT team that reeks of hypocrisy. I love POP and yet the Hack-A-Shaq thing has me even hating HIM now.


Boo Spurs.


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