Don’t Like: The Ooze!

Dammit why isn’t the government doing something about the rise of ooze related incident across the city? My friend was driving home the other day and saw a giant armored snapping turtle bite into a telephone pole. It nearly destroyed his car! I won’t get even get into that giant wolf thing. The ooze is bad folks. We have mutant amphibians and mammals running all over the city causing havoc. It’s not like there could possibly be any vigilantes among the beasts! Damnit, why is no one stopping  and no one is doing anything to stop the evil TGRI company from developing it!? And why are they so freaking careless with it? It seems this dangerous mutating chemical is just falling off of trucks every where and landing on animals! What a crazy world!

What’s next? A talking brain in some devo-esque guy’s stomach?


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