Like: Chris Paul, CP3

Why is this guy and the Hornets continually underrated? He’s had one of the best point guard seasons ever and if they keep his core intact I don’t see a single reason why he can’t get even better in the years to come. He’s even better than Nash ever was at his height (Nash had too many turnovers). Next year they can actually attract some free agents who will want to play with him too. Paul is redefining the position in the modern era and what’s better is that Deron Williams is starting to play nearly as good too. This is so exciting. All season long people were like “eh I don’t think they’re for real” then they got 2nd seed and people still called a crappy Mavs team to beat them. Why??? Have they not been watching this team? I never got it. Then the got to the Spurs and people were like “I don’t know, they’re good and all but the Spurs are great! The Spurs just beat up an ancient Suns team with chemistry problems. I don’t know how the Hornets will beat them!”

Finally, they go up 2-0 on the Spurs and people are like “damn, I guess they’re for real!” It’s what they’ve been doing all year. There’s no surprise there.


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