Don’t Like: Crippling Heroin Addiction

Welcome to the world of pissing your pants and walking up in pools of your own vomit.

Risks of Non-Medical Use:

  • For intravenous users of heroin (and any other substance), the use of non-sterile needles and syringes and other related equipment leads to several serious risks:
    • the risk of contracting blood-borne pathogens such as HIV and hepatitis
    • the risk of contracting bacterial or fungal endocarditis and possibly venous sclerosis
    • abscesses caused by transfer of fungus from the skin of lemons, the acidic juice of which can be added to impure heroin to increase its solubility
  • Poisoning from contaminants added to “cut” or dilute heroin
  • Chronic constipation
  • Addiction and an increasing tolerance.
  • Physical dependence can result from prolonged use of all opiate and opioids, resulting in withdrawal symptoms on cessation of use.
  • Decreased kidney function. (although it is not currently known if this is due to adulterants used in the cut)[20][21][22][23][24]

There’s a whole bunch of other reasons I don’t like it either. Mostly because it’s highly ritualized drug use and not casual.


8 Responses to Don’t Like: Crippling Heroin Addiction

  1. This is very good information

  2. Destinee and talisha says:

    F drugs F them in the A. I hate drugs so much they suck.

  3. dafsf says:

    If I could get my hands on heroin I’d do it every day

  4. deyanira says:

    i want to try it, but im afraid of getting addicted.

  5. Walter says:

    awwwww’. AIR will eventually kill me yet i continue to fucking breathe it! dude, what exactly is YOUR experience with opiates? Heroin specifically. you sound like yet another bitch ass motherfucker that got busted and or couldn’t keep up the pace. i’ll give you this though, that is a GREAT pic!

  6. kate says:

    dont try it. you will 100 % get addicted. and for the comment from “Walter” ur the bitch ass. You will realize it someday. Get help.

  7. Amy says:

    My dear, its one thing to not like something, its another to hate it. You obviously hate heroin. Junkie in the family maybe? Sibling stole your cash? Heroin is not a villain, its just a chemical (one that’s found in the brain naturally, i might add- 6-MAM) and there are people who use it responsibly… not many, but there are. I hate to use cliches but alcohol is way more deadly (in numbers) than all other drugs combined.

    All of the information written above is scaremongering. If prepared properly, “non-medical” use can be perfectly safe (micron filters, clean needles, alcohol wipes etc.). I have a ‘friend’ that has been using heroin recreationally for decades and she’s completely fine, and maintains a very respectable career and family.

    Addiction is the real problem, or maybe its the addict that’s to blame. We’re so quick to offload blame from the guilty that we wont even let them shoulder the responsibility for what they stick into their veins. This world is overrun by do-gooders.

    Blame the user, not the used.

  8. Tooth Disease…

    […]Don’t Like: Crippling Heroin Addiction « Stuff I Like and Stuff I Don’t Like[…]…

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