Like: Dennis Eckersley

Besides being a hall of fame pitcher, a former Red Sox player, and an all-around great competitor, Dennis Eckersley is a whole bunch of other things I like too. Right now he works doing analysis for NESN and he’s sharp, fun, and no-holds barred. Not in that dumb shock-value way either (i’m looking at you ESPN). He just says what he thinks and he’s got the brain and experience to back it up. Thank god he’s comfortable talking in front of camera. Besides, I love analysts who actually played ball (because they usually have good insight) and his light yet somehow intense personality totally works. I love it.

Also the Eck is one of those guys who never looks any older. Like Tony LaRussa, Steve Martin and Dick Clark (pre-stroke) the dude always looks the same. It’s one of those reassuring things in life… Like seatbelts.

He even threw sidearm. Sidearm! Nothing is more responsible for blowing out young arms like crazy-ass side arm motions. Well… maybe kids trying to throw curves… or kids trying to pitch a ball that’s way too heavy for the that motion period.

The Fountain of youth…


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