Like: Terry Francona

The Red Sox have an Incumbent Manager who isn’t going anywhere.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment… wow. It’s so… different.

Terry Francona is in his fifth year as manager and barring any massive fallout, he will enter his 6th year in 2009 (especially after his extended contract). We haven’t had a 6 year manager since Joe Cronin retired in 1947 after an amazing 13 year run. In Francona’s short time he’s won 2 world series and the last Red Sox manager to do that was Bill Carrigan in 1915 and 1916.  The Red Sox have an amazing history of running with a guy for a years then ditching them after a single mistake or for “new blood” (remember, Yawkey wasn’t exactly the most reasonable owner… and he owned the team for 44 years).
And all of this is makes it all the more remarkable.

It’s so soothing to look over and see a guy in charge who you know is going to be there. He makes a few odd calls on not using pinch runners, but for the most part he plays it solid, safe, and traditional. He’s widely heralded as a players manager which seems to be the way to do things these days. Everyone always calls Torre a players manager which I would actually disagree with (I think he’s a media manager first). So I’m really happy for the guy. He’s got one of the most high-pressure jobs on the planet.

Thanks Tito, I’d love to see ya around Boston for years… especially if it means more rings.


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