Like: My Reality Show Ideas

Puddy and I have recently started a television production company (note: not an actual company). Here’s our upcoming Reality TV Pilots:

Blind Date (Lupus Edition)

Are You Smarter Than A Vietnam Veteran?

America’s Next Top Actuary

Keeping Up With The Vigodas

The Littlest Rapist

Real Gun or Toy Gun: Riding with the NYPD – (“6 white kids and 6 black kids and the cops have to make a split-second decision…or else!”)

America’s Got AIDS

Dancing With The Un-Employably Homeless

Ernest Borgnine Is 93 And Widowed

White Collar Prison Break- (Mostly just dragging appeals process: “12 white collar criminals, 12 highly-paid teams of lawyers….who will prevail?”)

The Amazing Race! – (it’s just Japanese people doing math, and like, karate… [apparently this is similar to a zack galafanakis joke. apologies])

Wife Swap (For Realz tho)

The Real Alan Alda – (The legend himself competes with 10 impersonators, who’s the real one???)

Stuff In Slow Motion – (bullets, fat people… you name it)

What Wouldn’t A Paparrazo Do? – (show will be shelved after 3 episodes and a vicious string of child murders)

To Catch a Prostitute – (pilot didn’t work as Chris Hanson just ended up fucking them and letting them go)

Idea Painfully Joked About 3 Years Ago, but Now Is Totally Happening In Front of Your Eyes – That’s right. Look for this shit soon.

How am I not kidding? Real life anecdote: A unnamed network was going to do a real prison break show with 12 inmates in jail who had previously escaped from a prison. If they won the money would have went to their victims… This had a green light but was held up in OBVIOUS legal issues.

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