Don’t Like: That Lots of People Are Going To See Indiana Jones and Have a Weird Reaction and Not Really Understand Why

First off, all the bad buzz is completely unfounded. The movie was really, really good. Just a total joy. I would even say it was right on par with the others… to a point.

That point being a very specific point in the movie (very deep into it actually) where things become… weird. It isn’t the idea of what happens  is weird. I actually like the idea VERY, VERY much and many people are already lining up to blame the idea itself for the implosion. That’s SO not fair. It’s just the idea is executed in such a muddled, weak, strange, flat, uncaring, and lazy fashion that you swear someone else was directing. This can’t be the same guy who’s done the rest of this wonderful movie right? It’s like Spiels got 80% done and then walked up to a PA and said “i’m gonna take a cig break, you wanna finish this thing?”. All perspective, tone, gravitas, and urgency just went out the window and suddenly a bunch of shit is just happening. And it all seems like important shit too… It’s just executed… weirdly.

And thus everyone is saying the entire movie is exactly like the ending… and that’s horse-poop. It’s a great movie almost the whole way, but the audience suddenly forgets about that. It gets into the much discussed issue of people who internalize movies versus people who process movies. And oddly enough this movie kind of requires a little processing to understand why the entire audience walks out with a weird reaction. That might be the anti-thesis of a summer blockbuster, but they have to realize the ending doesn’t speak to the entirety. There’s a reason you don’t ask someone about a movie the second it ends. Because you have to digest it. Sadly, that seems to be the last second someone thinks about it… including what seems to be a lot of reviewers.

Just don’t forget, you’ve been watching a GREAT movie.


One Response to Don’t Like: That Lots of People Are Going To See Indiana Jones and Have a Weird Reaction and Not Really Understand Why

  1. Kevin says:

    A lot of people convinced themselves that Episode 1 was a great movie, too. The entire movie felt like the kind of thing they show on the video monitors while you’re waiting in line for the movie’s spin-off ride at Universal. A distant, much dumber cousin of the originals.

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