Don’t Like: Sydney Pollack

God… What a jerk.

Sydney Pollack is an actor and director who made a bunch of stupid movies in the 80s and other various decades. Did you ever see The Interpreter? I didn’t. But the trailer was really shitty. For some reason I think he wore suspenders a lot and nothing says “out of touch” like suspenders. I’m trying to remember the names of his movies but they escape me. I’m pretty sure he left his wife too, yes, for a woman half his age! I have it on good authority he didn’t tip waitresses and might have molested a teenager-

Sorry, hold on, someone’s trying to tell me something.

Oh… apparently Sydney Pollack just died… This is awkward.

Okay enough of that. Why spread malicious rumors about Sydney Pollack on the day of his death? Cause he probably would have found it funny.

The truth is Sydney Pollack is probably the classiest classy in classville. I love his performance in Husbands and Wives and absolutely adore two of his early seventies features: Jeremiah Johnson and They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? And that was before his golden era of the 80s. He had the quality of being both intelligent and literate. It is amazing how many people in Hollywood are the first and not the second. The other person I think of is Anthony Mingella who also just died (coincidentally, the two were producing partners). No matter what project he worked on he always brought a kind of “realistic gravity” with his presence that was somehow devoid of gravitas. It’s a rare feat and something that had to be intrinsic to his being. We’re talking about a guy who made “Tootsie” into a kind of legitimate gender commentary, while also being earnestly fucking hilarious.

I’m pretty sad that he died when he still had some good work left in him. This one sucks.


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