Like: Fred Simmons, King of the Demo

I saw The Fist Foot Way yesterday and it was pretty freaking hilarious. It was shot for 70,000 dollars (read: nothing) and while it looks like it, it still totally rocks. The entire thing rests on the shoulders of Danny McBride who plays Fred Simmons, “King of the Demo”. McBride is absolutely hilarious and rather than just be a vehicle for jokes, he ends up giving the kind of performance that turns this movie into a strange, little character piece. It’s kind of a remarkable feat given how rarely that happens with this kind of humor. A lot of people who have seen this and McBride’s other work think he’s going to blow up. I’m one of them. I caught Pineapple Express a few months ago and he’s fantastic in that too. The Fist Foot Way is being released pretty shittily in the summer against Sex and The City. Even with Will Ferrell’s and Adam Mckay’s names attached as presenters it won’t help cause nobody knows.

Here’s a clip of Fred Simmons on Conan: Enjoy


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