Like: Drug Addicted Front-Men

Jim Morrison. Kurt Cobain. Freddy Mercury. Scott Wieland. Lou Reed. Axl Rose. John Lennon or Paul McCartney. Layne Staley. Nick Drake. Michael Clarke. Chet Baker. Sonny Clark. Winston Churchill.

If there’s anything that these men have taught me. It’s that drugs can make you a better singer-songwriter-musician-type-guy. Just look at their body of work. If these people weren’t on drugs they would have been off going something lame with their lives instead of exploding minds with thought bombs. So suck on that g.



2 Responses to Like: Drug Addicted Front-Men

  1. cally says:

    What makes you so sure any kind of drugs had any kind of impact on Nick’s music, for goodness sake?

  2. mgss says:

    /Um. First off this post is a complete joke.
    //Second off, it obviously did. Nick spiraled into depression and battled insomnia his entire life… and his music reflected it, and then he had drug induced OD/Suicide.
    ///were you also kidding?

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