Like: Police Squad!

Ever since I made an offhand reference to Lt. Frank Drebin to my friend Puddy and he informed me how Police Squad! Is his favorite TV Show, I’ve been going back and watching clips episodes constantly. I’m amazed how well it still holds up.

Sure the show is mostly gags and 1/2 of them are pretty lame but in Puddy’s words “when they work they work so well.” The dude’s right. The show is freaking hilarious. To be fair, there’s a part of me that will always love the absurdist, lead age comedy of Marx Brothers on down. But you can totally see how Police Squad! has inspired a lot of stuff that has came since. I’m NOT talking about about the Epic Movie spoof nonsense. I’m talking about the goods: The Simpsons, Adult Swim, Arrested Development, Family Guy, 30 Rock.

You gotta love it:


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