Don’t Like: Hillary Supporters Turned McCain Supporters

So, to the aforementioned, let me get this straight… you’re going to abandon Hillary, your beloved candidate, who is for/represents the following: universal healthcare, pro-choice, gun control, strategic removal from Iraq, raising taxes for the funding of schools/police/fire departments, investigating gas price manipulation, the creation of green collar jobs, and lenient on immigration .

… And you’re going to vote for McCain, a candidate who stands for/represents the following: privatized health care, pro-life, against gun control, long term military presence in Iraq and probably Iran, keeping taxes low, no new global warming legistlation, and has a hard stance on immigration.

In other words, they’re complete political opposites.

How, in the name of all that is good and holy, could you possibly do that? It’s akin to saying “I don’t care what a candidate represents whatsoever, just if I identify with them and will even vote for someone else out of spite.” It’s unfathomable to me.

Is the presidential office a game of “who’s your nominee?” NO! There are candidates who fall much more in line with Hillary’s viewpoint. The closest? Yup. Barack Obama. They are nearly identical in political policy and if the direction of the country is important to you (isn’t that core of what politics is supposed to be about?. If Obama lost the nomination I would have voted for Hillary in a millesecond. That’s how similar they are.

But the perceived damage that has been done in this primary election is too much for some. I don’t understand this. Many supporters seem to be confusing the sexist comments being brandied about the internet message boards/blogs/quotes in articles as being Obama-centric. That could not be further than the truth as most of that is coming from conservative users and websites (or morning asinine radio shock jocks). Believe it or not, this has actually been pretty tame as far as bad tactics and insults go from the actual Candidates. It’s been hard fought and long, that’s for sure, but hardly as dirty as even 2004.

If you absolutely cannot vote for Obama there are a host of 3rd party candidates from the following who fall much more in line with Hillary’s policy: the Working Family’s Party, the Independence Party of America, the Centrist Party, and the Peace and Freedom Party.

*My friend Edu is the only who makes a good point on the issue by saying [to paraphrase] that the failure to elect Hillary has deeply shaken his confidence in the Democratic party and he thinks they have made a critical mistake. But still, the idea of voting for McCain is taking it too far. It’s much more legitimate to simply not vote at all.


8 Responses to Don’t Like: Hillary Supporters Turned McCain Supporters

  1. Antenna Wilde says:

    I’m seeing some of these “running to McCain instead” posts as well. It’s a complete lack of integrity and intellectual honesty, with total disregard for a purpose greater than themselves. Just like Hillary, who never even mentioned the fact Obama crossed the delegate threshold and became the first black man to win the nomination. Didn’t even mention it: not important. What IS important however, is to go to her website and donate the 20 million she borrowed from their 120 million dollar account, back into the bank in the Cayman Islands. Not even joking here. And they STILL havn’t released their financial records, why would we elect them anyway?

    As far as the Hillary supporters crossing over to the GOP, what do they have to say about Hillary’s position in the Obama cabinet? Or Bill’s for that matter, as the word is that he’s looking for a position as well. Heard it on NBC last night. But the Clinton supporters will STILL run to McSame (because they have, uh… integrity?) whereas their beloved candidates do NOT! LOL

  2. cathy says:

    Why will I now vote for McCain since I can’t have Hillary? For starters, because I CAN! I am not forced to vote for an experienced black man who has spent over 20 years in a hatefilled bigoted church and tries to hide the fact his Mother is white. Why is her whiteness such a non-issue? Why is he catering to blacks when he is half white? Why don’t we ever hear about his Muslim background.

    When the DNC IGNORED my vote which was on the side of the POPULAR vote for Hillary, they LOST me. I could NOT in good conscious even consider voting for another democrat. And why wouldn’t I vote for a 3rd party? And hand Obama , the man who was SELECTED BY THE DNC and NOT ELECTED by the people , what he wants? NEVER. I am repulsed by him so much I can’t even LOOK at him. Hillary or McCain. The DNC really screwed up this time. Idiots.

  3. mgss says:

    Flabbergasted. Absolutely none of what you just said is true except for the part of “because you can”

  4. mgss says:

    -you’re actually proving my point in some ways. How can you vote for someone who stands for the exact opposite principals as Hillary? Hillary herself is endorsing Obama for very good reason.
    -I also have no idea what you’ve been reading in regards to “hiding his whiteness” but his multi-cultural background has been the very forefront of his campaign.
    -FOX news has been digging into all the issues you say the media hasn’t been bringing up and they do it everyday
    -by “experienced” did you mean “unexperienced?”
    -also Hillary used selective math for the “popular vote” claim. look at the total math, it still favors obama
    -Even if you claim Hillary has won the popular vote by some insane math, they’re in a virtual dead heat. To claim that Obama has no popular support and was selected by the DNC is absolutely ridiculous.
    -also there’s a lot of racial stuff dripping all over what you wrote

  5. Master K says:

    Cathy, you are an idiot. Please don’t vote at all. Or leave the house.

  6. The One says:

    I would just like to ask everyone to look at where John McCain and Barack Obama stand on all issues and compare them to where Hillary Clinton stands for. Obviously, I’ve found that Barack Obama stands along side with Hillary Clinton much more than John McCain. The only reason why people who supported Hillary Clinton is turning their support for my candidate, John McCain is because all of you are a bunch of irrational sore losers who just can’t accept the fact that Barack Obama won the Democratic Presidential nomination. As a McCain supporter, I would just like to say that I wouldn’t want the votes of a bunch of sore losers. Why would I want to stand shoulder to shoulder with you? Republicans who can’t accept John McCain as there presidential nominee are a lot stronger than you ex-Hillary supporters going to John McCain because unlike you, most of them are voting for a former Republican running as the Libertarian nominee instead of voting for Barack Obama. If I were you, I would either vote for Barack Obama who’s views are much more aligned with Hillary’s than John McCain’s or I would vote for the Independent R. Nader if you can’t stand for voting for Barack Obama. I would like to also ask any of you to post a RATIONAL reason why you would vote for my candidate over Barack Obama. If you are racist, that’s pretty rational. I hate to dog down on my candidate but, do you like old people that might die because of old are while still serving in the White House (knock on wood)? I don’t really care for lobbyists because I think that some of them actually lobby for the good, not all of them obviously, but would you rather support my candidate whose staff is money filled with lobbyist than the staff of Barack Obama, whose party has said that they will no longer accept funds from lobbyist (good luck to them on raising money)? By the way, my party (the Republican Party) is not the party of the LGBT club. I wouldn’t want to see any of y’all LGBT people rallying for John McCain with me when I’m rallying for him. Also, my party is not the party of change. We are conservatives who view progressive movements LAME! We are against “gay marriage!” God created man and women to get together to increase population. Marriage is a Holy event, not something where a bunch of gays and lesbians can turn into a rainbow party. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll support civil unions for gays and lesbians but mirage is not the answer. Broke Back Mountain was a disgrace to my southern/western culture. My party is also the party of pro-life. We don’t kill unborn babies who could be the next Einstein or the next Michael Jordon. People, have you ever heard of adoption? The Republican Party is also the party of no gun regulations. We like our guns and we like having them around to protect us from sore losers and the likes. Quite frankly, I believe that if you don’t have rational reasoning to support my candidate over Barack Obama then you are nothing but a bunch of sore losers who I wouldn’t want to stand shoulder to shoulder with this November. Make your own sore-losers party. Don’t join my party. I’m in the military and I wouldn’t want to stand in the battle field with a bunch of criminals because I wouldn’t want to risk my life of getting taken away because of them. This is just like that. You show no loyalty to any party. What if my candidate loses? Where would you go? Canada? Who would you support? R. Nader? Before you all decide to vote this November, think about what you are doing and see if your actions are of ration than of hate. I’ve learned in the military to never act in anger. Y’all need to settle down, cool down, sit down, and think! If you have a good RATIONAL reason for voting for my candidate, John McCain, than I would gladly stand with you in electing him to become the next president of the United State.

  7. mgss says:

    “The One”, are you a real person?
    if so:
    //don’t forget to spell check
    ///also you don’t own the party, and to even claim ownership is folly
    ////I also think you have some misunderstanding about what constitutes a lobbyist does
    /////how did Brokeback Mountain disgrace your souther/western culture again? Just so you know that story had a basis on real events of homosexual persecution in those circles. It’s not like Gay Cowboys are a made-up phenomenon created by Hollywood people.

  8. This is what happens when people get engrossed in a candidate they want to win. If their candidate loses and they feel their candidate was wronged for any reason, they will carry on forever. I am sorry that Hillary never won. But thinking that by revolting and voting for McCain isn’t the answer. The only way it becomes an answer is if McCain wins and there is concrete proof the PUMA voting block was the one who put him over the top. Only then can they say, “I told you so.” They also must be willing to live with four years of McCain’s policies. Can they do that? They must be if they are going to do this. So they need to really think before they act out of anger. I’ll bet Hillary would say the same thing about that last sentence. Support of a candidate is one thing, some carry it way to far.
    Click my name and read my blog. Be well!

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