Like: My Friend Edu’s Input on Why Wesley Clark is the Best VP Candidate For The Democrats

EDITOR’S NOTE: My friend Edu is my favorite person to talk politics with. He knows far more in regards to the minutiae than I do. Even with our liberal ideological similarities we consistently have different opinions and interpretations of political machinations/events/politicians themselves, and even the overall direction of the democratic party. What’s even better is Edu has a breadth of exposure to more global/European politics which always provides an anti-thesis to my wholly American way of viewing the political machine. I tend to paint in broad strokes (something that has advantages and disadvantages) so I love it when Edu provides his specficis-based input. The following are his recent thoughts on who should be the VP candidate (this is before last night’s election results by the way).

What follows totally qualifies as EDU’S GUEST BLOG:

I’ve been saying it for months now but at last his name is sounding in some democratic and pundit circles (To my great pleasure)…

(Drum roll…)

Wesley Clark!

If it’s not going to be Hillary (probably not), retired 4 Star General Wesley Clark is such an obvious choice, it makes my head hurt… seriously it does.  Here is why:

As much as many would like to think that Senator Obama has no flaws, he does in terms of election agenda.

General Clark bring too much to the ticket to ignore.  He supports the war in Afghanistan but was against the Iraq invasion (sound familiar?) from the beginning (trying to further research statements, but it my impression that he was skeptical of its true purpose, potential accomplishments on the War on Terror and believed that the military would be overextended.  Genius!) so they can run that all to the White House.  A staunch Hillary supporter, one of the biggest behind the scenes, he NEVER dare I say, questioned, Senator Obama (Rendell, Strickland and Beebe pretty much questioned his readiness, credentials, etc…) while promoting Senator Clinton on the campaign trail.

He was the driving force of Hillary’s 35+ military endorsements from top generals, admirals and Chiefs of Staff, showing that his respect amongst the military is paramount.  As Supreme Allied Commander of NATO in Europe and Allied Commander in Kosovo, it gives him implecable military, foreign policy and foreign relations credentials (They are better than McCain’s since he has commanded troops on the field and has showed many leadership skills).

However, apart from military, leadership and foreign policy credentials (need I say more?) what else could he bring to a ticket.  Well, he’s white (yes, I said it, but from a diverse background), from the south (Arkansas!), is pro-choice and pro universal healthcare, so policy would not be a significant issue.  Also, being a military man, he understands hierarchy and repects it.  He is very popular amongst veterans and could also sway some moderate democrats to support Barack.

On the bum side, well, he is a staunch Hillary supporter (he’s from Arkansas), brings little executive experience to the ticket and does have some baggage, Kosovo and Yugoslavia didn’t turn out to well.

Anyway, its a long shot, but I hope he is at least on the shortlist, maybe not as high as Richardson, Webb or Sebelius, but high up there.



2 Responses to Like: My Friend Edu’s Input on Why Wesley Clark is the Best VP Candidate For The Democrats

  1. Ken H says:

    Kosovo and Yugoslavia, so far as I could tell, didn’t turn out well for reasons that had very little to do with the United States – I’d claim Clark did the best he could in a downright rotten situation that was largely the result of centuries of neglect and exploitation of that area by (in ascending order, with some gaps) Rome, the Huns, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottomans, and Soviet Russia.

    Actually, if you want a decent example of what could be done with Africa, the Balkans are a good place to look…

    Or we could keep letting the Chinese bribe their way into prominence with “infrastructure loans” and steal everything down there, which does seem to be a workable policy.

  2. Edu says:


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