Like: Mid-Game Heroics

Game 1. Advantage? Celtics.

To all the doubters, I’ve strained my knee before like that. It’s a scary moment because you feel little pop/tear and freaks the shit out of you. You think the worst. And then it can either be A) the worst B) Just a little pull.

I cowered on the ground hoping it would be B… and it was.

Paul Pierce not only came back to the floor, he walked right past Doc Rivers checking himself into the game. Then he launched two crucial threes to help pad the lead and complete dominate the quarter.

THIS is the shit the NBA finals are built on.

And better yet, that’s the shit that makes you a Celtics legend.

Paul Pierce, bitches.

Oh yeah, and the game was great too. Celts were swarming all over Kobe. Ever shot was off-balance and two guys in his face. Sure he’s so good he can hit a lot of those, but still. Celts were making it damn HARD for him. And Pau Gasol continues to impress everyone with his incredible length and quickness to the basket. Odom got in foul trouble but his size was giving us problems. Doc is still playing Cassell for some god forsaken reason. Yeah he had three big opening shots, but then he bricked the next 5. BRING IN EDDIE HOUSE! And also for all the lakers fans out her complaining about the Lakers’s shooting, let’s not forget this was a game were Garnett missed 9 straight shots. This is going to be an AMAZING series.


One Response to Like: Mid-Game Heroics

  1. Kevin says:

    Agreed. I predicted before tip that this would be the greatest NBA finals in my memory (1990 forward) and game 1 did nothing to change my mind. So much star power, quality role players, clutch performers, the intertwined history of the two teams and fanbases…Basically, what I’m trying to say is–

    This is the shit.

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