Don’t Like: Lorne Michaels

I’m sorry something just rubs me wrong about this guy.

I mean, sure, he’s responsible for Saturday Night Live and ushering in most of the good comedic talent to come out of this country (and Canada). Sure, he’s probably a good guy and all. Sure he produced Kids in the Hall. Sure he produces one of my favorite current sitcoms, 30 Rock.

But doesn’t something just seem off about him?

Maybe it’s the fact that Dr. Evil was based on him. Maybe it’s cause he seems like the annoying, glum, stubborn straight man in a room full of lovably entertaining goofballs. Maybe it’s cause he’s obsessive with the timing of the show (SNL). Maybe it’s because he’s supposed to be an odd control freak in the least-control-freak-friendly-environment imaginable. Maybe it’s because I’ve never found his dry humor all that funny. Maybe it’s because I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about.

But he just seems like a dick.

/Oh yeah and he keeps rejecting my SNL sketches I send in about how men are like this and women are like this

//and by send in, I mean leave crudely written sketches on his front door

///and by leave on his front door I mean put in his shirt pocket while he sleeps

////he’s a beautifully peaceful sleeper


2 Responses to Don’t Like: Lorne Michaels

  1. Ken H says:

    Personally I blame him for the decline of SNL, as the more creative control he asserts the worse the show tends to do, with the recent upswing (based largely, I think, in the fact that Tina Fey is far and away the cutest comedienne in the cast ever, as well as quite amusing).

    I agree, though, he does sleep beautifully. The reason he does not find the ideas you leave in his shirt pockets is that I have been stealing his shirts to admire his manly chest.

  2. DWLewis says:

    So, have you ever met him in person? Your conclusions seem to be rather sweeping. We have some common objectives, yet I have taken a different approach which may be of interest…

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