Don’t Like: Stan Winston, Dead at 62

Stan Winston is dead at 62.

Those of you who already know who he is, are more than likely incredibly saddened by this news.

To those of you who don’t know who he is, here ya go:

Stan Winston was THE BEST practical effects guy in modern Hollywood. What’s that actually mean? It means he was the guy responsible invention and creation for all those amazing images that you know and love? Don’t believe me?

This guy had his hand in EVERYTHING. His speciality was make/up and creatures and worked on every single Tim Burton movie (meaning he designed: Edward Scissorhands and the Batman suit). He worked on every single James Cameron movie (designing The Terminator, Aliens, and in the upcoming Avatar). He did all of Speilberg’s creature stuff (Jurassic Park, AI, etc). He designed The Predator from Predator for pete’s sake. He did a lot of workman-like stuff too with Consantine (the only good part of the movie). Most recently, he even did the incredibly awesome Iron Man suit.

Apparently he’s just the nicest guy, who happened to be the most enthusiastic worker too.

It’s really sad.

One comment on a me-fi thread (props to Kevin for this)

“This man invented my childhood.”

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