Like: Irish Color Commentators For Soccer(AKA Football, AKA Futbol)

Okay, I’m pretty much just talking about Tommy Smyth.

And honestly, I don’t know enough about soccer to know if he has any idea of what he’s talking about. But I seem to know enough to understand what he’s talking about.

Plus he’s got a cool accent.

And let’s face it folks, accents are awesome.  His Irish accent is so pronounced it’s like listening to a Lucky from Lucky Charms announce a game.

That’s vaguely racist, but whatever, it’s awesome.

And soccer is awesome too. I’ve always paid attention to the world cup and the euro league stuff, but my dad finally got me into the EPL this year. You know a sport is good when there’s a team named after a beer. And newcastle is a damn fine beer.

Out, bitches.


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