Don’t Like: That George Carlin Died (In fact it makes me hugely, immensely sad)

Man this has been a couple of sad months for great people dying. Fuck that shit.

Saying George Carlin is funny is like saying… I don’t know… Something lame. I can’t even come up with a joke. But there was a period where Carlin was THE GUY in the standup world. To many (and a great deal of comedians), he still is.

The worst part of it is that he was still doing good work. He’s done three “really late age” comedy specials and the first two were “meh” but his last one was absolutely fantastic. He really dug into the subjects involved with being an old person and how nice it can be (“we got to go, grandpa’s tired”).

Something tells me he’s excited that his friends will give him the proper amount of respect and cross his name out of the address books in 3 months.


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