Don’t Like: Non-Vigilante Based Murder

Wikipedia defines murder as: “Murder is the unlawful killing of a human person with malice aforethought, as defined in Common Law countries. Murder is generally distinguished from other forms of homicide by the elements of malice aforethought and the lack of lawful justification. All jurisdictions, ancient and modern, consider it a most serious crime and therefore impose severe penalty on its commission.”

It’s the internet so there could easily be some factual errors in there but I think you get the gist.

Non-vigilante based murder is bad. No one appreciates being murdered or having their friends/loved ones/mild associates being done in as such. Murderers belong in jail where they can be free to do drugs and murder other murders as a way of passing time.

Vigilante based murder? That’s cool though. Unless movies and tv have lied to me there’s always a good reason to do it and you’re wholly justified. Plus there’s always a happy ending. Vengeance is by no means self-consuming. Though I never saw the end of those movies so I can’t really tell if that’s true. Anyways, it’s like Death Wish, where you can take out your personal grief on scores of minorities with no apparent consequences. If there’s anything Americans appreciate it’s frontier justice. Wait, what was I talking about again?

Why am I holding a gun?


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