Like: The WATCHMEN Trailer


First things first: this looks incredible. Which is good. Cause something incredibly cool looking will get people’s butts into a theater.

WATCHMEN is one of my top 10 favorite things ever. It’s status as “The greatest graphic novel of all time” is wholly justified. It is the masterpiece of the great Alan Moore and flushed into the world through the wonderful art of Dave GIbbons.

It deals hyper-intelligently in matters of history, politics, and socialization. It’s a wonderfully written epic story that also happens to be a complete deconstruction of superheroes.

It spans 50+ years of history and 2 planets.

What if heroes and superheroes were real? How would our political history be different? How would our society be different? (all using specific events).

It’s enthralling to me.

… and yes Zach Snyder, the guy who directed 300, has directed the movie version of WATCHMEN… which I’m on the fence about. The trailer definitely shows he got Dave Gibbons sensibility for the world down and the stylization feels just about right.

But the question is can Snyder get Moore’s nuance and subtlety? Can he show intellectual depth in the film? He really hasn’t had that kind of challenge thus far, but if he keeps all of Moore’s dialog in tact then most of the job will be done for him… which leaves it up to the actors. I love two of the choices (jackie earl haley, patrick wilson), think two will work out pretty good (cudrup, matthew goode), think it will be a break out role of (can’t remember the guys name who’s playing the comedian) and I have magnificent doubts about Malin Akerman. Everything I’ve seen her do thus far has been… um… pretty awful.

But with the look? yeah… really nice.


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