Don’t Like: Brian Westbrook

Look at him. Acting all taunting and such and such.

What an ass.

I was up 20-30 points in FOUR fantasy leagues. And somehow, every single one of my opponents had westbrook. Aside from the fact that is highly improbable for such a situation to even occur, Brian Westbrook goes on to have a lights-out game and 3 touch downs.

“FUDGE!” I yelled as I watched three of games go up in smoke. My fourth would have were it not for Tony Romo saving my ass.

The icing on the cake? DeSean Jackson.

Many of you fantasy goers have probably heard stories already and I can confirm that truth. I lost one of my games by 3 points. If DeSean had not been a colossal asshat and tossed that ball before actually crossing the TD line, westbrook would not have gotten another TD and I would have won.

What a douche. But hey, he’s probably a good guy and just messed up. It’s not like he’s ever done this in his career before.

…. Oh.


3 Responses to Don’t Like: Brian Westbrook

  1. Eduardo says:

    I want to feel sorry, but I can’t

  2. BRIAN says:

    WHOLY S**********

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