Don’t Like: Lack of Appropriation

This is one of my favorite political cartoons.

Why? It’s just titled “wikipedian protester” but to me it has very little to do with Wikipedia.

It gets at the fact that politicians can get up on a stage and just say whatever the hell they want… with not nearly as many ramifications as you think there should be. See when a politician stands up and says something that’s just plain untrue, you may get angry and stomp your feet and be pissed off. But chances are you’re not voting for that person anyway. If you are voting for them, it’s just a “gaffe”.

And politicians understand this. Oh boy, do they get and/or love this. They know that Fox News or DailyKos will just sweep in and defend what they’ve done. It’s freedom from responsibility of veracity.

This is a bi-partisan issue for sure. The bush admin and most republicans have definitely, uh, taken more liberties with this phenomenon but democrats often are quick to generalize as well. It’s made us all rather sloppy and the utter collapse of the fourth estate means it’s just going to get worse.

How can we fix it? More wikipedian protestation! Only with, you know, life.

Ask the question “Sir, where did you get that statistic?”

… “no the bible doesn’t count as a source”


One Response to Don’t Like: Lack of Appropriation

  1. concerned says:

    Uhh… how about give credit where credit is due? …

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