Don’t Like: The Angels’ Freaking Boo-Hooing Sob Story / Like: My Relishing In Their Defeat

You know what I hate? When teams complain about losing. It’s ridiculous. Sports are games of no excuses. Sure, there’s the rare event where you can complain (the san diego/denver game with the blown fumble call). But for the most part, sports are put up or shut up and accept your losses like an adult.
And here we find the Angels.
Losing yet again in the post-season to the Red Sox, they found it in their heart to complain ad nauseum… even though they lost the serie 3 games to 1.
“I couldn’t believe it. Once again, we’re on their field, and they’re celebrating. I’m just wondering: how does this keep happening? This was our year. this was our time.”
-Jesus Chone. You’re worse than one of those bitches from My Super Sweet 16.
“We lost to a team that’s not better than us. We are a better team than they are. The last two days, we shouldn’t have lost.”
-Seriously John? People can hate on the Red Sox for a whole bunch of reasons and that’s fair, but someone on the Red Sox would NEVER say some bullshit like this. You lost THREE games to ONE. You played well but couldn’t put it all together to win the games. The Red Sox did. That’s baseball. That’s the fucking game you play. No one cares if you won more games in the season. The Red Sox could have won a hundred games if they were healthy and in the same division as the Mariners too. What matters is winning when it matters. That’s how you do it.
but nobody puts it better than owner ARTIE MORENO:
“You win those games because you want to win a championship. Let’s put it this way: i hate to lose
Really Artie? That’s the reason you win these games? To win a championship. Do you ever wonder why the hell every coach in the NFL has the motto “one game at a time”? Because that’s how you win. You take one step at a time. Winning the world series? That’s two rounds away dumbbutt. Winning that division series should have been the only important thing in the world to you guys. Especially after this history. Concentrate on the moment. And “Hating to lose”? How about wanting to win?
I know the Angels are pissed off and all and that’s fine. But all these little slips and phrases give you the picture of a ball team that somehow doesn’t get “it”. It I guess being the core of sports philosophy.
but then there’s always this…
God I love it when the Angels lose.
“[On Sunday] they scored on a pop fly they called a hit, which is a joke,” said Lackey, referring to a popup that was misplayed into three runs. “[On Monday], they score on a broken-bat ground ball and a fly ball anywhere else in America [except in Fenway Park]. And [Pedroia’s] fist-pumping on second like he did something great.”
… john lackey… what a fucking asshole.

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