Don’t Like: Bud Light’s “Drinkability”

Bud Light’s new ad campaign saying that what they have is “drinkability” is absolutely hilarious.

Why? Because they’re basically touting how much their beer stinks.

You know why Bud Light goes down easy?

Because it’s fucking water… with a splash of budweiser.

See, when I want to drink a beer, I like when it tastes like beer. Bold. Hoppy. Yet smooth and delicious. I like dark beers, amber beers, and golden beers. I like wheat beers. Domestic or imported beers. I like all beers with substantive flavor. Even miller lite has an okay tang to it. Heck, even though PBR tastes kind of like a metal tin, it still tastes like beer.

Bud Light tastes like water… the most “drinkable” substance on earth. I like water. I like it a lot. But that’s the last thing I’m looking for in my beer.

So how bout if you want something “drinkable” you just drink that and leave the beer drinking to people with testicles.

… you know, proverbially testicles.

……. leave me alone.


2 Responses to Don’t Like: Bud Light’s “Drinkability”

  1. Imprimere says:

    I could not agree more. I found this site specifically to say how absolutely retarded this campaign is!

    Bottled Bridgeport IPA FTW!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I as well. this is the dumbbest campaign ever and they should all be very very ashamed of themselves.

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