Don’t Like: Katy Perry

For obvious reasons:

-She’s a dumb pop star with dumb pop star songs instead of being a smart pop star with good pop star songs

-Despite her insistence she comes off as pretty homophobic

-She spells her name “katy”

-Her production team is the people who brought you Avril Lavigne, Korn’s post-adidas sell-out phase, Britney Spears, and the awful Liz Phair mainstream makeover phase.

For not so obvious reasons:

-she’s let her fame get to her head.

-for example, she demands her assistants track down old bottles of crystal pepsi so she can both drink and bathe in it.

-When asked if there was anyone she would want to play with in concert she said “Jimi Hendrix”

-she doesn’t like Airedale terriers

-she once ran over a homeless man and didn’t stop

-and she is TOTALLY encroaching on Zooey Deschanel’s look (who is awesome):




2 Responses to Don’t Like: Katy Perry

  1. kevin says:

    i LOVE zooey deschanel.

  2. debby haime says:

    A truly vile girl, I agree, as for ripping off, think Lilly Allen, this imbecile actually called herself a ‘thin version of LillyAllen and a bit like Amy Winehouse’ well, if she can actually write her name, let alone a song, she may be able to consider it, but we know it cannot happen, this bimbois just too stupid.

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