Like: Let The Right One In

Let The Right One In is a small Swedish movie that has just come out in New York and Los Angeles and lots of other cities soon.

It’s a hauntingly beautiful story about two 12 year olds that fall in love.

One of them happens to be a vampire.

Devoid of a lot of the Anne Rice nonsense (aristocratic vampires drinking blood from wine glasses and looking pompus) and the modernization (buffy, true blood,etc… which I like), the story is told with a vivid sense of realism and quiet grace. Which is not to call it a boring movie. Not in the slightest. I has great moments of tension and an incredible treatment of its violence. I think it’s my favorite film I’ve seen this year and maybe the best horror movie I’ve ever seen. Though it feels weird calling it that. I…

Actually… the less said the better.

Please if you have a chance to go see Let The Right One In, I suggest you see it.


3 Responses to Like: Let The Right One In

  1. Bored says:

    I’m leaving you a comment from the cube farm here where I work. Just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog. I find it very interesting and entertaining. By the way, are you in the UK? Just wondering b\c the one blog about the critic website had all thses “top rated” artsit (which were suspiciously close together in rating) but I only knew who 2 of them were. Well…thanks for entertaining me and I’ll be looking for more blogs.

  2. mgss says:

    Thank you. I’m not in the UK, I’m in Los Angeles at the moment, but I’m from Boston. I’ve been on a tiny hiatus, but will start writing more posts soon. thanks again.

  3. […] and cerebral last act and you have one of them there great movies. 9. Let The Right One In – (original review) A perfect amalgamation of the horror/art film (with all moments walking the tightrope and never […]

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