Don’t Like: That had the GALL to recommend a Full-Screen version of a movie to me

Do you even know me

You’re usually so good, if not prolific and accurate, with your emails. You reminded me when the new season of How I Met Your Mother went on sale. You offer me 50 percent off my favorite awful movies that I have no business buying and usually do. I got my mom that scarf that one time.

But then you ONLY recommend a full-screen edition of movie? I always filter our full-screen editions. I have no time for the stupid BS of Full-screen editions. “Know what would be great? If we took this beautiful movie and cut out half the shit on screen. That’ll be awesome and I’m sure it won’t effect the integrity of what’s on screen, nor the work of hundreds of people that went into the parts that are missing[watches]. Why are two people talking but I only see their hands and a big space between them?”


It’s like they never read this:

So just forget it… we had something special. And you ruined it.

And for your information, I HATED the Sex and the City movie.


1.The TV show was really good though

2. “Gall” has the best webster’s definition ever: “brazen boldness coupled with impudent assurance and insolence”


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