Like: That I had no idea Bernie Williams was Puerto Rican until about 5 minutes ago

Bernie Williams was a fixture of my youth.

Not in a good way. I was a Red  Sox fan and he and Paul O’Niell were complete symbolic figures of how those guys in pinstripes would destroy all my hopes for future happiness.

There was another way I always looked at him. He was the black guy.

Now. Obviously. There’s a lot of problems with that statement (either racially, in terms of accuracy, or otherwise), but we’re talking about a young man’s innocent characterization of his rival baseball team. Those 1996-2000 Yankees rosters were filled with white guys and hispanic players… and Bernie Williams was the African American player. He had a distinctly African-American name: Bernie Williams. He had a perfect American accent. He really was a great player and as much as I hated his success, he was great.

BUT the point is there was nothing about him that ever, ever made you think he was anything but African-American.

Nope, dude is TOTALLY Puerto-Rican. I haven’t done any in depth research or anything, but one can assume there’s some African ancestry in his lineage (and one can then question, that since Puerto Rico is part of the US, is he still African-American, but that’s another can of worms). Still, it was just a really weird thing realizing that he was Puerto-Rican. I mean his middle name is Figueroa! I had no idea.

I’m not alone in this either. I mentioned this to my friends and they were equally shocked.


4 Responses to Like: That I had no idea Bernie Williams was Puerto Rican until about 5 minutes ago

  1. KWH says:

    Hell, I’m a Yankees fan and I didn’t know.

    On a side note, during the last 2-3 years of his career, my brother and I would do a running narrative of Bernie fantasizing about going into the club and having various sorts of sandwiches and other food items during those games where he would stand in the outfield looking lost. It was a good time.

  2. Bigman says:

    Bernie’s father is in fact African American from Alabama. He moved to Puerto Rico and married a Puerto Rican woman. Therefore Bernie is 1/2 Puerto Rican and half black.

  3. Jonathan F. Ramos says:

    Actually Williams is his grandmothers name from fathers side Figueroa Puerto Rican’s used both parents last name so Figueroa isn’t his middle name

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