Don’t Like: #5, Ayn Rand (on the list people, all of whom I would Punch if I saw them)

For a blog where I spend half the time bitching about stuff I don’t like, I do try to avoid careless internet asshatery and needless contrarian bullshit, and instead focus on some kind of minuate, or larger theoretical argument. Let’s be honest, often the internet descends into “I HATE YOU’RE YOUR FAVORITE THING!!!!!!!! RARRRRRRRRR! U R GAY!!!!”. I try to avoid that. But… Occasionally I indulge in my more base tendancies. So for this week:

Here’s a list of 5 people I would punch if I saw them.

#5, Ayn Rand

Reasons: For taking a rational counterpoint to extremism and countering it with a form of opposing extremism. For writing an extremely long and tedious book that makes the same point and over and over for no rational reason other than to make it. Then creating a bogus philosophical theory out of it. Or before it. Or whatever. She sucks.

Judgement: Basic logistical failures across the board.

Punishment: PUNCHED.

Difficulty: Deceased, mysogny.

Look at this asshole:


8 Responses to Don’t Like: #5, Ayn Rand (on the list people, all of whom I would Punch if I saw them)

  1. LOL says:

    I think its cute how you can write:

    Basic logistical failures across the board.

    And apparently mean it seriously. You sir, rock.

  2. Dane Wilson says:


    Ayn Rand is by far one the best philosophers and writers of the 20th century. I’m sorry that you couldn’t finish the book. Try waiting for the movie. You fail. She preaches basic things that have been said before by other philosophers, she just set the scene in the one more familiar setting.

    You must be some sort of fail to think that your opinion should be revered to any extent. This woman, who is dead and has been for years, stands a better chance that you do in any feat. She earned her place by merit, just like her characters. You’re on some bullshit blogsite preaching ranting. Hell, you can’t even find your writing unless you google someone a LOT more famous.So, shove another twinky and keep on plugging away amigo.

    Maybe someday you’ll meet John Galt, when he steps over you.

  3. mgss says:

    1) this post was intentionally silly
    2) I’m going to assume yours is too, if you’re legit angry. then sorry.
    3) rand is one of the most important philosophers of the 20th century? that’s undeniable. I just fundamentally disagree with the philosophy
    4) how are you so sure of my feats and success? all you know about me is a stream of consciousness blog.
    5) the twinky comment. are you implying i’m a blogging fat ass?

  4. John Galt says:

    1) What are your feats and successes? (Does this blog count…?)
    2) What, in particular, do you find wrong with Rand’s philosophy? Your reasoning appears to be summed up by the statements: “bogus philosopical theory” and “she sucks”. Not the most intelligent argument I’ve ever read. Actually, it sort of resembles “U R GAY”. How charming.
    3) Frankly, it sounds like you’re complaining that the book was too difficult for you, and you have no rational argument to present other than to bitch about it.
    4) Until you provide any proof that you actually think, or reached your conclusions through logic…you’re just coming off stupid.

  5. mgss says:

    Responding this afternoon.

  6. mgss says:

    1) Seriously?
    2) I qualified the post saying it will take on base tendencies in the interest of some kind of humor. There was absolutely no pretense of establishing an intelligent criticism. Whatsoever. Why were you expecting one?
    3) Too difficult? My favorite writer is David Foster Wallace. I write about this Ad nauseam on this blog.
    4)Once again, there was no pretense of trying to come off anything but stupid. You want a more intelligent take on something related? Check my piece on libertarianism (similarities to objectivism).
    5) What are my feats and successes? I have many. But those are for real life. Not an obviously silly blog that I write in to have fun. Apparently I am supposed to be presenting those. It would be just as silly for me to assume that your feats involve posting comments on blogs where you don’t read the introduction to the post (in which I say said post will be inane) and declare my post inane.

  7. Charlie says:

    I find it amusing that Ayn Rand devotees believe that the best way they can sustain the memory of their cult leader is by trolling the internet to mock those who disagree with them. Because, you know, that is just what John Gault would have done had he lived now.

  8. […] detailed my dislike of Libertarianism, Ayn Rand*, and even Slate before, but here is Johann Hari’s excellent and scathing evisceration of […]

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