Like: Obama Vs. Pirates (Updated: Obama AND Dolphins Vs. Pirates!)

I don’t know about you but I find it awesome that Obama actually has to come out with a position on “Pirates.” Not a movie, not the historical fictionalization, but actual pirates ravaging the seas.

1) I’m not a big, “pirates! Awesome!” kind of guy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the subtleties of their charm. Most of which involves cantankerousness and scurvy.

2) The reality of pirates is, yeah, pretty crappy. The life of a pirate sucks really bad and they actually kill genuine working, innocent people and all so that pretty much sucks.

But ignoring qualifier #2, it’s awesome Obama had to come up with his “position” on the Pirate problem. Most of this problem has gone largely ignored by America as problems in Africa and Asia increased tenfold; it wasn’t until an American got mixed up in it that we sent the pirate hunting NAVY seal team.

If we ignore the obvious sadness involved and romanticize the shit out of this, than this situation is awesome. Pirates vs. Obama. It’s a reality. A pireality.

UPDATE: Just saw this article via Mefi.

Just incredible and pretty.

The dolphins are coming to our aid!

(one great joke I read in comments: “I’ll be the first to say it, THANKS AQUAMAN!”)


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