Don’t Like: Scraping The Side of My Car and the Ensuing Ramifications

Note: Not my car.

So I’m a point A, point B kind of guy when it comes to my car. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t trash the thing. I keep it pretty clean, take good care of it, change the oil, inflate my tires, yada yada yada. Basically, I do those things because I actually look to spend as little money on my car as possible. It’s an old camry. I do the maintenance because I just hate the idea of putting needless money into it. I will most likely never own a fancy car even if I can afford it and will opt for something with great mileage cause I’m in no hurry to pay a lot of money for gas either. These behaviors might strike one is miserly, but I assure all that I am actually rather un-miser-like and just prefer to spend money in non-car-based arenas. To each his own. Etc. Which is all slightly strange because I actually rather enjoy driving and being the one who drives and am happy to drive you anywhere. And in the interest of this story and not self-interest; I’m also what I consider a rather adept car park-er. Parallel, tight fits, you name it. I can most likely park it.

So here I am pulling into a space this morning… There are a few open spaces further down, but the usual close one I like is available… A woman has just finished parking in the space next to it, she is over the line and technically in my space… but I think I can still fit… on the other side is a long concrete wall and a small yellow post to act as a barrier… I begin pulling in… slightly distracted by the fact that the woman next to me is still slightly inching forward and may be-


and thus I promptly scrape the side of my car by the back wheel directly against the little yellow post. My car is scrape-y and indented… Sigh… I’m a fucking idiot. Not so much as a scratch on a car since I was 16… And alas, a decade later I am a fucking idiot again.

Do I care about the appearance of the scrape? Not really. I am not so occupied as to think someone actually cares about the appearance of my back right door. But Should it be fixed? Probably. Are there possible safety considerations for the passenger by that damaged door? Most likely.

But I am now in the position of spending a lot of money on something have no interest in spending a lot of money on. This is problematic as I am actually trying to save money for something else I really want to do, and have actually been saving for, for over a year. It’s a terrible feeling, actually. But one I feel is the kind of typical adult situation.(1) Spending money on stuff you don’t want to spend money on. Yeah… there is nothing worse in some ways than dealing with that last bastion of responsibility. But that’s how it works. It’s the kind of shit our parents or guardians have dealt with for decades.

Being an adult sucks.

1 – get your mind out of the gutter.


One Response to Don’t Like: Scraping The Side of My Car and the Ensuing Ramifications

  1. dr. jimmy says:

    Suck it douchebag.

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