Like: UP

In the interest of brevity, I’ll keep it simple: UP just might be the reason you go to the movies. Incredibly entertaining, funny, emotional, and inventive. Just go see it. You shall not regret.

Random bullets:

-Dug and Kevin might be my two favorite characters… ever? (and yes, they were full fledged characters with everything that goes along with it)

-Could anyone else have done Carl’s voice besides Ed Asner ?

-bunch of other amusing parts I won’t both recounting but there’s tons of them.

-In some ways, you can argue that Pixar’s last two movies (UP and WallE) have been their best, or at least their most ambitious. Sure WallE had some tone problems with the inclusion of the human satire, but both films attempt to transcend the confines of, well, “kid film/animated / what have you.” Okay many animated films have done something like that, all the old disney classics and whatnot… but… I really don’t know what I’m trying to say… Maybe WallE and UP are about bigger realities and emotions than some of those movies… they feature sequences that are completely brilliant… they border on pure cinema at times…. maybe I’m trying to say they really are just adult movies about big emotions that just happen to play to kids… instead of how most animated films that are the other way around…. I dunno… I’m sleepy.


2 Responses to Like: UP

  1. Atomica says:

    Wall-E surprised me – the story was so compelling and there was a lot of humour sprinkled throughout, but behind it all, there was a serious environmental message.

    The trailers for UP didn’t pique my interest, but everyone seems to be raving about it. Might have to go see this one soon. Would love to be pleasantly surprised again.

    (I found your blog recently, and you’ve entertained me with your smart opinions and writing style. I’ll definitely be back to read more.)

  2. […] – (original review) Best Pixar movie. Though Wall-E is waaaaay more flawed than Up, but because of it’s spectacular first act, litany of great sequences, and its overall sense of […]

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