Like: MOON

This is a film that is best if you know absolutely nothing about it before going in. Just walk in and enjoy. Or at least observe.

It isn’t that MOON is especially cryptic, or twisty, but it is certainly best experienced as the character experiences it (especially cause they apparently give away WAYYYY too much in the trailer, which I thankfully didn’t see beforehand).

There’s a bunch of little things I want to talk about, but I will resist. Save to say Sam Rockwell gives what is perhaps his best performance. It could easily be something that comes off showy, but he resists and keeps it nuanced, yet perfectly tangible. This comment would make more sense if I could explain more. But he’s just absolutely incredible and shows tremendous range within the character.

And it’s a real sci-fi film to boot. The science. The philosophy. It’s real great stuff. Effects are starting to get to the point where they can be done seamlessly on the indie level. (A great little Spanish movie “Timecrimes” was released a few years ago. That was also great). Plus the thing is directed by Duncan Jones, a first timer who also happens to be David Bowie’s son. Which is also rather cool.

So basically. If you’re in the mood for something good and rather different. Check out MOON. Just don’t check out the trailer or anything else.


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